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Tun Bere is a co-ed salsa/mambo dance company founded in 2022 Under the direction of Kimberly Rivera. We are the new image propelled forward from a rich 20 yr history within the Chicago Latin dance community. Our dancers are excited to take this legacy forward and take our updated name, look, and sabor to new heights. This team is a tight knit family of individuals with goals to not only deliver memorable performances, but also create well-rounded social dancers, learners, and dance leaders. You will see our members staying active at community events, leading future generations of dancers in our local schools, and sharing the team talents nationally and internationally. We are proud to be the new dance legacy known as Tun bere.

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While developing dancers through a community of all ages, MG focuses on the love of learning. Dancers engage in training of multiple dance styles to help unlock a new understanding of how a dancer moves. With an open heart and open mind, dancers build confidence and develop better control over their body movements.

Diosas has cemented itself as a beacon of female empowerment and a magnet for top-tier powerhouse talent based in Chicago. Diosas is known for performing dazzling pieces that transcend traditional notions of strength, dance, and beauty. Being a role model group for young women, especially afro Latinas looking to support one another and highlight the achievements of other divine women from all walks of life.

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