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Our Story

I still cannot believe that I now have my studio. Not because I doubt my capabilities or knowledge but because I am a bit of a perfectionist. In my mind, I always imagined my first studio to have multiple floors, various rooms, and space to hold events. Because I had such high expectations, I thought it would take a long time for this dream to become a reality. The idea of leasing this space as my dance studio first came to me in August 2022. When I first saw the studio, I immediately fell in love with its potential. However, I hesitated and declined the offer. The thought of taking on something of this magnitude scared me. At that time, my teams and I rented space at other studios. The more I thought about the money I was spending on rental fees, the more I realized I could use that money to invest in our space. Although the studio now belongs to me, I ultimately took this leap for the sake of my teams, whom I consider my kids. I wanted them to have a place they could call their own finally. On February 21st, I decided to take a chance and signed the lease. I have included some pictures so that whenever you visit the studio (if you haven't already), you can truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication that has gone into transforming it. While I still want to add some things to make it exactly as I envisioned, everything we have accomplished so far was only possible with the love, support, and generous donations I have received.

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